Manual do Motor Stirling - Leandro Wagner

Manual do Motor Stirling - Leandro Wagner

Here I have tutorial videos of Stirling engine made of recyclable materials, aiming at constant performance improvements, including explanations of its operation with different types of configurations, applying to miniature carts, water pumps, generators, as well as new episodes with Chinese-made engines.

They are thermal motors that transform any source of heat (alcohol, gas, firewood, coal and the heat of the sun) into mechanical energy, converting with a generator into electricity.

In addition to the Stirling engines, I am adding tutorial videos of the fire-eating engine, steam engine and with presentations of some industrially manufactured internal combustion engines.

You will find the opportunity to expand your knowledge and creativity in building your own engine, with little recourse, in addition to entertainment.

I thank everyone who supports this idea, I feel fulfilled in sharing and helping students and enthusiasts of this hobby.