Zaimka in the Urals

Zaimka in the Urals

Friends, hello everyone!!!

Our names are Nikita and Katya! We are in charge of a large zaimka located at the mouth of rivers. There we have a large farm, which includes small cattle: goats and pigs, as well as chickens, bees, our dog "Taiga" and cat "Murenka".

Not so long ago we bought a house next door to the first one. This house is very old and interesting, and most importantly it has a Russian oven. We have long dreamed of buying such a house, and here is a case of chance we had such a chance - to buy an old house with a Russian stove.

At this stage we are running our household and mastering cooking in a Russian oven. By the way, we have all the recipes from the Russian oven on our channel, as well as the conduct of everyday life.