Max Talking (Voiceovers)

Max Talking (Voiceovers)

Hi there! My name is Max Semashko. I'm an announcer, (working on the radio) I'm studying English, doing voiceovers and translating videos into Russian.

The main direction of the channel: translation and dubbing Chris Collins (KallmeKris) and other major bloggers and creators videos from Tiktok and KZworld. Translating videos into Russian and doing VO's (dubbing it with my voice) takes a lot of time, this is a very creative and difficult job, but very interesting. I am doing all my best to make my VO's the same professional quality as on TV! I would be grateful for a subscription and a thumb up for my work :)

Always open to new offers, thanks for watching and commenting, it encourages me to move forward.

Many many thanks to each of you!