Sauvage. Territory Of Cats

Sauvage. Territory Of Cats

On our channel:

• You can watch the life of beautiful CARACALS, SERVALS, interesting hybrids of SAVANNAH and CHAUSIE, reptiles, snakes and even the Nile CROCODILE and other our animals 😺 🐒 🦁 🐍 🐊

•Very soon our farm will be replenished with NEW ANIMALS 🦓 🦒 🦘 🦌 🦚

• We will show the construction of a real Cat Farm and our life in a big modern house in nature near the forest😎

• We will develop and make a LANDSCAPE DESIGN together with You, we will improve the territory of 60 acres, territories for big cats, plant trees and restore beauty🌳

• Tuesday and Friday - long video
Every Sunday - Live Stream
Every day - two Short videos 🎬 📹